The genesis of it all was VERA! Since its initial launch, VERA has achieved extraordinary success, with over 150,000 rugs sold globally. Its distinctive design continues to infuse joy and character into numerous households worldwide. VERA's ability to evoke a sense of playfulness and modern charm has made it a cherished centerpiece in countless homes across the globe. Back in August 2002, when VERA made its debut, it introduced an innovative design concept to the world of rugs. Featuring a large round circle and a unique two-in-one concept, VERA captivated audiences with its pioneering approach to coloration. Flipping the rug revealed a reversed color scheme, adding a playful twist to its contemporary pattern. Pappelina, confident in VERA's ability to endure beyond passing trends, released it in eight captivating colors: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Nougat, Orange, and Grey. Even today, among these original hues, Black, Red, and Orange remain highly popular choices, a testament to their timeless appeal. As an iconic and best-selling design, VERA exemplifies Pappelina's commitment to pushing the boundaries of rug design while retaining an enduring allure.