At Pappelina, stripes have always held a special significance in their design collection, forming the core of their creative inspirations. In their latest creation, TEO, Pappelina set out to infuse their rugs with an abundance of colors, joy, and a sense of playfulness, breaking away from the prevailing trends of natural hues. TEO's design is a jubilant celebration of vibrant colors and the timeless allure of stripes. Pappelina’s aim was to inspire the use of multiple colors, resulting in a captivating visual experience.

Each TEO rug showcases a thoughtfully curated combination of three colors, selected with care to harmonize and complement one another perfectly. This deliberate color palette brings depth and dimension to the design, infusing your space with a lively and refined aesthetic. To further elevate the elegance of TEO, Pappelina added a fourth matching color to the exclusive handsewn hemmed edge. This exquisite finishing detail not only enhances the overall appearance of the rug but also exemplifies their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Welcome the enchanting and spirited essence of TEO into your home, where colors and stripes unite in harmonious splendor.