Introducing ILDA: A pattern of timeless elegance, inspired by haute couture, gracing the Pappelina range since 2013. Though temporarily discontinued from 2017 to 2021, Pappelina’s visionary designer, Lina Rickardsson, never forgot the captivating allure of ILDA. Originally available in a single larger size, ILDA has now made a fresh and updated comeback. This revival unveils an expanded color palette and various sizes, presenting endless possibilities to incorporate this timeless pattern into your living spaces.

ILDA remained close to Lina's heart as one of her personal favorites, motivating her to revive it in a new and improved edition. Its subtle beauty and refined lines effortlessly exude sophistication, blending seamlessly with any interior style. ILDA exemplifies the hallmark quality that defines Pappelina, with each rug expertly woven from premium materials, offering a luxurious feel underfoot and exceptional durability, standing the test of time.