Step into a library nestled in the English countryside, and find yourself settling into a well-worn, exquisite leather armchair displaying its history through a rich patina, brimming with countless tales. The surroundings are adorned with captivating, checkered wallpaper and delightful fabrics, adorned with throws and pillows, while you hold a remarkable book in your hands. Alternatively, envision a cozy cottage tucked away in the Swedish mountains, adorned with natural elements like wood and stone, emanating a sense of tranquility and peace.

It was precisely this serene and calming ambiance that inspired the creation of the design ED in the sketchbook of Pappelina’s imaginative creative director. The soothing checkered pattern, along with the earthy tones of ED's colors, induces a profound feeling of relaxation. With this rug, you can fashion your personal sanctuary in any room or space, replicating the very essence of those cherished havens.