Indulge in the art of subtle sophistication with the EDIT Collection by Pappelina. This exclusive range was inspired by the desire to expand Pappelina's rug offerings with single-colored designs in warm, nature-inspired hues. However, it was the visionary designer, Lina Rickardsson, who infused these plain rugs with a creative brilliance that took them to a whole new level. Lina embarked on a journey of experimentation, seeking to infuse vitality and liveliness into the rugs. The EDIT Collection became the canvas for her innovative ideas, where she skillfully introduced metallic colors, seamlessly blending them with the solid tones. The result? An eye-catching and dynamic rug that beautifully harmonizes shades, a true testament to Lina's mastery of captivating patterns. Experience the artistry of the EDIT Collection and elevate your space with its refined elegance, creating an ambiance that is both tranquil and captivating.