Immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of Dalarna, Sweden, through KOTTE—a rug that finds its inspiration in the abundant beauty of nature. The enchanting forests and natural surroundings that define Dalarna, Pappelina's home, play an integral role in the daily life of this region. Drawing from the awe-inspiring wonders of this area, KOTTE was aptly named after the Swedish word for "pinecone." This rug beautifully captures the elegance and allure of pinecones, showcasing their intricate and mesmerizing structures.

Bringing a touch of nature's wonder into your home, KOTTE mirrors the serene and soft curves of a pinecone collected from the forest. Its tranquil pattern sets a calm and peaceful atmosphere, reminiscent of the soothing forests of Sweden. More than just a rug, KOTTE reflects a profound connection to the natural world—a constant reminder of the breathtaking shapes and wonders found in nature's embrace.