Pappelina is a Swedish company that designs and manufactures unique, modern rugs in plastic. When you invest in a rug from Pappelina you invest in quality – quality that lies in true Swedish craftsmanship developed in Dalarna in the heartland of Sweden.

Rugs are produced in a factory set up in 1948 and the process is built upon craftmanship that has been passed on from generation to generation. To begin with, the 600-metre-long thread must be warped onto the loom. Next, each individual thread must be inserted the right way. All of this is done by hand. Especially important is the setting of the weights that ensures the straight edges of the rug. As always, it’s about the detail.

The same is true of the plastic, which is delivered from Gislaved Folie in the south of Sweden, where it is dyed, milled and cut to the right width. On arrival in Dalarna, it is heated and wound. Once more it’s about precision. It can be neither too stiff nor too soft.

Outstanding Design, Functionality and Quality is what Pappelina stands for. Swedish - through and through.

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