NEW Pappelina Rug Collections

We just got our shipment in from Sweden with two new Pappelina rug collections. Come and take a look in our stores!

OTIS – the rug that combines both the sharp and the soft look in the shape of a drop. It has a graphic design and is available in 6 color combos. Three of the rugs comes with white background and the other three are designed with tone-on- tone combinations. Two of the colors are brand new, Linen and Ocean Blue!

CARL – a classic rug with stripes and a true twist!  It is an elegant rug in soft pastels with classic, narrow stripes. The twist to CARL is that the one side of the rug features one color and the other side features a completely different color, both with stripes. It is really a two-in- one rug! CARL is released in 5 color combinations, resulting in 10 different looks.